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Alocasia Dwarf Amazonica

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Alocasia's are easy-care houseplants that thrive in most environments. While they are young, Alocasia need a lot of water for growth. Other than this, they are a fairly low maintenance, set-and-forget plant.

Due to their uniquely shaped leaves, this indoor plant is often referred to as "Elephant Ear".

Indoor plant care guide:


Amazonian elephant's ear plants require lots of bright, indirect light. They can survive in 80 percent shade but prefer about 60 percent shade, which will guarantee you the best growth and a rich, green shade on the leaves. Take care not to expose the plant to harsh direct rays of sunlight, which can bleach or scorch the leaves.


This plant prefers a fast-draining, well-aerated soil, An organic, loose soil that contains a good amount of peat moss is ideal. If your soil mixture is too heavy, you can lighten it with some sand or perlite.


Keep the soil moist but remember that Amazonian elephant's ear plants do not like wet feet. If possible, water your plant in the morning from below (at the root zone) to keep the leaves from getting too wet. The plant needs a rest period in winter, so allow the soil to become almost dry between waterings during these months. However, if it dries completely, the plant may go dormant.