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Calathea Ornata

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Calathea Ornata is a relatively fast growing plant which can reach up to one metre in height. these striking tropical beauties have distinct stripes and veining on their oblong foliage. If you want a bit more of a challenge in terms of caring then this is your plant. But in return she will give you some amazing foliage and will love to show off. This is a great plant to have if you're generally a person who overwaters other plants.

Plant pot size: 14cm pot.

Plant care guide:


Calathea orbifolia likes plenty of diffused light, and should be shielded from direct sun. otherwise their leaves can burn. They however don’t do well in cold temperature and preferred humid warm environments


Feed once a month during the growing period and every six in the autumn and winter, soil should be well drained. 


The best approach to watering Calatheas is little and often. They do prefer to be in soil which is constantly kept slightly moist. However not totally soggy otherwise you might come upon root rot.

This plant is non toxic to pets.