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Fluffy Ruffles Fern + Terracotta Pot

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This Plant + Pot combo is so vibrant it is sure to brighten any corner of your house. Choose from our White, Terracotta or Caramel honeycomb planters that will best suit your colour scheme in your home.

A luscious fern with beautiful sword shaped leaves. A popular house plant that does well in lowlight, making it perfect for light challenged spaces. 

Plant comes in a plastic 12cm grow pot inside a 14cm by 14cm ceramic pot.

Please note plant sizes and colour may vary due to availability

Plant care guide:


Partial shade to bright indirect light. No direct sunlight.


Grows best in moist soil so water moderately. 


Likes slightly moist soil, don't let the soil dry out, or overwater. Fertilise once a month during spring and summer.