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Black House Creative

Peperomia Scandens Veriegated

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This gorgeous plant has glossy, heart-shaped light green leaves outlined in creamy white and prefers partial light indoors, but partial shade if grown outdoors.

Plant comes in a plastic hanging grow pot. 

Plant pot size: Width 16cm 

                         Height 11.5cm 

Please note plant sizes and colour may vary due to availability.

Plant care guide:


She prefers partial shade, Sunny locations should be avoided at all costs prolonged exposure to the sun or dry soil will result in pale leaves. If it's to hot for a chocolate bar it will be to hot for this pretty thing! 


Feed every four waters during the growing period and every six in the autumn and winter, soil should be well drained 


She loves moist soil. Once the pot begins to feel light when lifted, it's time for another water. Although pouring water directly through the foliage is acceptable if situated in a bright location.