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Philodendron Mamei 14cm

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Introducing the new Philodendron Mamei also known as the “Silver Cloud”. It produces large heart-shaped leaves with striking silver variegation This houseplant is easy to take care of and a good choice for beginners. Best grown in a warm room with bright, indirect light.

Plant comes in a plastic 14cm grow pot.

Please note plant sizes and colour may vary due to availability

Plant care guide:


Prefers bright indirect light and warmer temperatures. However it can tolerate some low light.


Loose well-draining soil is recommended. This plant withstands regular household temperatures but doesn't respond well to abnormally low indoor temperatures. They love humidity so if you can increase the level of moisture in the air then your plant will respond well.


Likes slightly moist soil, don't let the soil dry out, or overwater. Fertilise once a month during spring and summer.