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Variegated Syngonium Albo

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Syngonium Albo plants are sought after by indoor growers for their beautifully variegated leaves. They have generous splashes of white against a bright green canvas. A natural air purifier and super easy to care for this is the best plant for newer plant lovers who is looking for some variegation.

Plant comes in a plastic 14cm grow pot.

Please note plant sizes and Variegated will vary plant to plant.

Plant care guide:


thrives in bright indirect light. Be careful it isn’t in direct sun as the leaves will burn. To little sun results in the leaf less variegation on future leafs.


Even moisture is the key to success for this plant, so choose a loose, well-drained potting mix and mist often.


 Allow around 20 percent of the topsoil to dry before watering again. Don’t let it sit in water as this could result in root rot. Gently pour water over the surface until water starts to dribble out of the drainage holes.


Remember that every plant is unique, so pay attention to your Plants specific needs. With a little care and attention, your plant will reward you with its stunning foliage.