Men, Plants and Wellbeing

At Black House Creative, we wanted to open the doors to all types of discussion and support, not just have a platform that sells pretty plants. Upon losing several male friends to suicide I decided to support a cause that could help men in New Zealand to open up and find ways to contribute towards their well being and mindset. 

We interviewed some amazing men to see how they go with their daily routines that support their well being, in hopes that someone might read this and find comfort to reach out and get help and also find ways to build a great healthy mindset for themselves. 

Ashly x

Who is Sean? Tell us about yourself? 

Born in Iran, raised in New Zealand from the age of 14.

Sean is barber and entrepreneur from Auckland, who has grown his brand and business to provide multiple services from teaching and guiding younger generations of barbers and hairdressers to providing a luxury services for grooms and groomsmen nationwide.

An ex DJ with a huge following to now one of the best barbers in NZ, winning multiple awards & one favoured by many who are in the know!
Through hard work & determination I have created my own successful brands: ‘Sean The Barber’ / ‘Barber Evolution’ & ‘The Groomsmen’

What things do you do on a daily basis for yourself and for a positive mindset?

Consistency is key. I start my day at 3am everyday, to reflect, set goals, make plans and work on my temple! That sets me a positive mindset for the up and coming day.

What would you recommend for others to improve their mindset? 

Your thoughts become your actions. Your actions become who you are. Improving your mindset and your thoughts has the potential to completely change the trajectory of your life. Writing your goals down and working towards them helps improving your mindset, being disciplined & consistent.

Why do you think it’s important to have this mindset? 

Better & healthier lifestyle, not just physically but most importantly mentally. 

If you consider your next year, do you think the year will improve and you will be better off than now?


Can you say that you are able to stop and admire things of beauty with admiration?

Yes 100% it’s very important to pause and take everything in and reflect.

Is your general perception of yourself that you are happy? 


If you were asked to write down your 10 favourite people, would you place your own name on that list?

Yes, self love is important. being your own favourite person just means liking the company you keep. Alone for a day, or alone in your head for a minute, what’s it take to like being there with yourself.

If thinking back over the last little while, are you able to remember your successes before your failures and setbacks?

You develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success. I just love it when people say I can’t do it, or no Sean this is impossible. there’s nothing that makes me feel better because most my life, people have said that I wasn’t going to make it. 

What connections do you have with Black House creative?  

Ash has been a life time friend and we both share the love for nature, and appreciate the energy it gives back to you.

Check Sean out here


Who is Dallan? Tell us about yourself?

My names Dallan and I was brought up in Mangere Bridge. I studied a Bachelor of Business after choosing not to attend Whitecliff School of Design. My passion for art and being creative has always been a flame / passion that’s driven me outside of work commitments.

What things do you do on a Daily basis for yourself and for a positive mindset?

I like to try to make sure I do things that make me happy. Eating healthy and hitting the gym are top off the list without being too strict as you also have to remember life is short so you have to enjoy yourself.

What would you recommend for others to improve their mindset?

I find day to day making a list of the things I need to do and crossing them off upon completion is really satisfying. It also feels like I’m getting the most out of my day as I feel like I’m quite a driven individual.

Who is Kyle ?

I am a South African born man who has lived in New Zealand for 22 years. I'm a father of two. I have a sister who shares the same birthday as me, and I am a husband.

We are an interracial family, my wife being from Cambodia. I'm fortunate to still have my parents who have been very supportive .

I have been with the Royal NZ Airforce for the past 15 years, and have made some amazing bonds with the people I have met over the years, some I consider my family and some my brothers.

What do you do on a daily basis for yourself and a positive mindset ?

I wake up with a purpose! Each day I have this clear in my mind.

This starts with my kids, after I turn my alarm off I don't touch my phone for the first hour of the day. This gives me the time to be involved and fully available for my children.

I like to keep my mind uncluttered, and enjoy getting my children ready for the day and starting them off with a positive mindset and routine so they have structures in place.

I enjoy having breakfast with them, having a laugh and we do our morning stretches together.

During the day I make sure to take breaks, and do some sort of physical exercise to get the endorphins and natural dopamines working. I try to get the family involved with this as well. It's also another chance to connect and bond in a healthy way.

At the end of the day I like to have my phone switched off for the last hour and either read a book or play a game, this puts me in a good mood and clears my head before bed. It's a nice way to end the day off.

What do you recommend for others to improve their mindset?

Have the ability to adapt, life doesn't always go as we plan so being able to cope with changes and being open to taking a different approach to a situation is key.

Having good communication with your circle of trust, those in life who you can be totally open and honest with whether it's your spouse, family or friends. Keeping that circle close and knowing you have support, because it's not all on you.


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