How often do I water plant?

Get to know your plant – is it from an arid country, that likes dry soil or is it from a tropical environment where it likes humid warm conditions.  I always recommend looking at the potting mix or place your finger in the potting mix to see it has dried out in between watering’s.

Furniture weight 

90 kilos is our weight restriction for all our swinging chairs

When do fertilise my plants?

Best time to fertilise your plants is in Spring before the growing season and in Autumn after growing season. The best fertiliser to use is one that has these elements NPK as ingredients Plant Runner Plant Food is great. 

How do I get rid of bugs?

Having indoor plants its only inevitable that you will get some bugs throughout Summer and Winter. It’s a good practise to check plants and give the leaves and stems a spray with neem oil and wipe down the leaves with a wet cloth. I use my fingernail to scrap scale off.

What are these aerial roots growing out of my Monstera?

Monstera’s have aerial roots that grow over the top of plant and are grown to seek nutrients and water. This is normal for the plant to do and you can cut them off if you like. Monstera’s like to be root bound so don’t be concerned about repotting it.

What plants are good for low light?

Cast iron plants, Sansevierias, Plants and Spider plants. 

What plants are good for direct sun?

Cacti, Dypsis baronii , Dracaena draco and succulents. 

What size pot should I get for plant? 

All plants sold on the website have the size of the plant I usually go a size up for the plant a 14cm plastic pot is good for an 17cm or a 20cm cover pot.

What plant is good for a Shelf?

Pothos varieties, Swiss cheese vine, String of pearls, Spider plant, Hoyas, Peperomias and peace lilies. 

Floor plants – Ficus lyrata, Monstera deliciosa, Costa Rican bamboo palm and Kentia Palms.

What happens if my plant turns up damaged?

We take a lot of care in packaging your plants however sometimes they can turn up damaged in transit. The protocol for this is let us know as soon as possible so we can process a claim and arrange a refund.

Please note that plants included in our End of Season Sale may require a bit more TLC than our standard offerings. These plants are offered at a significant discount because they might be a little less than perfect or nearing the end of their optimal season. However, with the right care and attention, these charming plants can still thrive and bring beauty to your space. We believe in the potential of every plant in our collection and are confident that with a little extra love, these plants can make a delightful addition to your home or garden.

Can I cancel or change my order?
- You may cancel your order within 24 hours of placing your order.
- Upon cancelling your order you will recieve a full refund to your method of payment withing 3-5 business days.
- You will be charged a cancellation fee at a flat rate of $3.99.
- All items brought on sale are final and are not eligable for cancellation.