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Hoya Hindu Rope

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Hoya Carnosa 'Compacta' has twisted, waxy leaves in the shape of a  long roped vine, making this Hoya perfect as a hanging plant. It can produce wheel-like clusters of pink waxy flowers with stars in their crowns.

Plant comes in a plastic 12cm grow pot.

Please note plant sizes and colour may vary due to availability

Plant care guide:


Prefers bright indirect light and warmer temperatures however it can tolerate some low light areas. However, it may never bloom. 


Loose well-draining soil is recommended. 


All Hoya plants need very little water. let the surface soil slightly dry out before waters. But be aware this plant doesn’t respond well to sitting in water for a long period of time  Fertilise once a month during spring and summer. 

Remember that every plant is unique, so pay attention to your Plants specific needs. With a little care and attention, your plant will reward you with its stunning foliage.