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Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine + Juno Pot

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Get your hands on our Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine + Juno Pot Package.
With this package, you get Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine 12cm + Juno Pot 12cm.

The Juno ceramic pot has vertical ribbing with a smooth matte finish is the perfect accompaniment to any small-grade plant. This cover pot has been selected to fit our 12cm indoor pot plants.

The Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine in a 12cm grade is another welcome addition to the Van Lier pot plant range. This variation of Monstera displays narrower leaves with strong fenestration from an infant stage. The plant is also more of a delicate vining version of Monstera than its compact counterpart, the Monkey Mask. The Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine is a perfect trailing plant, or a beautiful choice for a plant that will spill from a pot. Pair this with any number of cover pot styles for a winning combo. This plant is a tropical variety that will enjoy a more humid warm part of the home such as a kitchen, or bright bathroom.
  • Habitat: Likes a warm humid environment. Avoid draughts.
  • Light: Bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight will burn the plant.
  • Water: Allow soil to dry out between waterings.
  • Soil: A free draining soil type is recommended.
  • Fertiliser: Is only required once a year, through its growing season.

12cm pot 

Remember that every plant is unique, so pay attention to your Plants specific needs. With a little care and attention, your plant will reward you with its stunning foliage.