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Strelitzia Nicolai (Bird of Paradise)

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Bird of Paradise plants are often confused with banana plants, but while bananas have a spiral leaf growth pattern, Bird of Paradise plants have an alternate leaf growth pattern.

If you find split leaves on your Bird of Paradise, the split leaves are an evolutionary adaptation of the plant that allow wind to pass through the leaves and reduces the risk of the leaves breaking during strong wind.

Great indoor and outdoor plant. 

Comes in a planter bag

Height 190cm

Please note plant sizes and colour may vary due to availability.

This plant can only be delivered within Auckland or picked up from our Silverdale warehouse. However if you need this out of Auckland please email us first so we can arrange shipping cost 


Plant care guide:


This plant needs bright light, including some direct sunlight, to bloom well. However, it requires shielding in the direct midday summer sun, which can burn the leaves of younger plants. A good position is in a room with windows facing east or west. Avoid rooms with only a north-facing window.


Use rich, well-drained potting mix for potted plants or a compost mixture. If using a pot, make sure it has ample drainage holes to allow water to flow through the soil and out of the pot.


Keep the soil continually moist throughout the year. While it should not be waterlogged, expect to water it daily in the spring and summer as it loses moisture through its big leaves. You can water it until you see the water draining from its drainage holes, but make sure it does not sit in a pool of water. If overwatered, the plant will develop crunchy brown leaves. If under watered, the leaves farthest from the center will turn yellow.