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Thai Constellation Monstera

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He has loads of personality and has plenty of heavenly splatters and splotches of creamy or off-white against his green leaves.It almost looks like the night sky with stars. Hence, it’s named Thai Constellation Monstera.
Great indoor rare plant

Plant comes in a plastic 14cm grow pot.

Please note plant sizes and Variegation may vary due to availability


He loves humidity. They thrive in high humid places because it resembles their native environments. Because of this, it's a great idea to mist your Monstera every day. If you have a humidifier in your house, this is also a great solution. 


Monsteras like moist soil, but don't deal with wet soil very well. To help give the Monstera the right amount of moisture to thrive in, you should use well-draining soil. You can avoid letting water sit at the bottom of the pot by choosing a pot with a draining hole at the bottom


Monsteras are tropical plants, which means they like to sit in moist soil. When it comes to watering, it needs to be watered as soon as the soil at the top of the pot is dry.